Dienstag, 21. April 2009

is the sun female or male?

Tag 147 / Day 147

because i had this discussion some times with native spanish speakers who told me that the germans would turn around all genders ;)
so here´s my question (i know how the answers will be between german native speakers and latin language nativ speakers): if you´re an english nativ speaker, what´s your opinion about the gender of the sun and of course the moon.

of course everybody is free to answer, just give me a comment about your native language! :)


  1. Ok, you clever guy, I won’t vote because I am not a native English speaker… but I’ll tell you, I am sure that the English people would use the neutral pronoun “it”…


    ….unless they make the same exception that they do with the words “ship"....

  2. hehe, tht doesn't matter Sabri, you can also give your vote ;)

  3. Done it!
    I voted too.

    BTW, now that we´re talking about languages, did i mention that your blog has become a source of new vocabulary for my classes?!!!

    Take care, Tschüss.