Dienstag, 11. Mai 2010

bad sunburn (and I'm not in south america)

Tag 165 / Day 165

heute 4 Stunden draussen mit den Studies. Regen war angesagt, die Sonne stand jedoch am Horizont für genau die 4 Stunden. und das, ist das Ergebnis.

today 4 hours outside with the students. rain was predicted but the sun was straight above the horizon for exactly those 4 hours. and that's the result.

(sorry for the bad quality)


  1. AUA, das tut schon beim Ansehen weh!!!!! Dann mal schnell Quark drauf!!!!
    Kathleen (Fam. Ortmann)

  2. Greetings from cancer!


  3. Oh baby, that comment is very cruel, but i do think you should be more careful with sun, even if you are in a gray day uv rays are there, so you should were sunblocker everyday, i do it and i don't have sensitive skin like yours. But i think my skin is gonna be thankful in a few years. I love you and send you sweet kisses and tons of after sun lotion ;)