Montag, 11. Dezember 2006

Pictures Zurich

Tag 25 / Day 25

also heute nur die bilder aus zürich und meiner reise dort hin in der reihenfolge eines kleinen roadtrips

so, today only the pictures from zurich and my trip in form of a smal roadtrip

going by train from Frankfurt (Oder) to Berlin - Alexanderplatz

my taxi from Berlin - Alexanderplatz to airport Berlin - Tegel
Zille, ne wirklich geile karre!!! fantastic ride

ticket Berlin - Zurich

Zurich mainstation with christmas market

my room in ZicZac Rock-Hotel

ZicZac Rock-Hotel

ETH Hönggerberg

water, loud and silent *hahaha*


going home and visit chraistmas market again

christmas tree full with swarowski cristals

funny christmas present i don´t bought

zurich airport

danke franzi für den wundervollen ausklang meiner reise :) hab leider vergessen mein rückfahrttaxi zu photographieren ;)


  1. hallo Tobi - alles gute in deiner neuen Arbeit . Zurich ist wirklich toll also hab dort viel Spass !

  2. Hallo again, still watching your phothos in this i realize that there is the church where we went together, there is the same cow were you took a picture of me and there is the spaguetti factory when you recently went to have meals with your friends, and all of then where took in 2006 when we did not have even plans of metting each other and now 3 years later you are in love with a beatufil girl who loves you more than anything else in her life. Times change ja!

    You are the greatest thing that ever happend to me and i want to share my happines to the world.

    I LOVE U